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Description of Visit the Slovakian partners

The second meeting of the project “My passion, my happiness – Add to favorites” was organized by the Technical University in Zvolen in Slovakia, from 9 to 14 March 2014 the Polish 16 participants attended project activities. There were Zofia Głogowska, Renata Jasińska, Andrew Mol, Anna Hekkert Ciężkowski Stefan, Stefan Antoniszyn, Irena Czarnecka, Michalina Monk, Barbara Bartnicka, Maria Wasilewska, Bozena Manik, Anna Jablonska, Nina Bryczkowska, Sabina Huryn Edmund Bobryk, Anna Pycio. In contrast, in Lithuania there were 8 participants: Jonas Valskys Darius Valskys Vytautas Antanas Valentukevičius Lankelis Gediminas Grigelis, Onute Malakevičien, Zita Jančiauskien, Zofija Gaiauskien. From Portugal there were 6 people: Giselle Janeiro, Pedro Gonçalves José Pisco, Aida Casebre José Casebre, Albertina Neves. From  Turkey, there were 8 people: Mehmet Guven, Cüneyt LBARS, Hasan Atilla Gencturk Tasova, Alim KÜÇÜKKARACA, Emel Ozkan, Gülendam KÜÇÜKCEYLA, Serpil Zencirci. From Romania, the 8 participants: Corina Bozbici, Carmen Repciuc, Mioara Crisan, Marian Simpalean, Erzsebet Nagy, Nor Suciu, Cristian Dan Lucian Muresan. The whole team, who made sure to schedule ran properly was composed of Erik Selecky, Petra Šuhajová, Ondrej Zachensky, Zuzana Chabadová, John luptakov. There were Slovakian students: Darina Michalcova, Milan Bakic, Renata Olosova, Olga Primusova, Martinova Viera, Maria Stankovičová, Maria Chabanov, Elena Marcineková, Eva Rusková. The project visit was inspired by the first meeting organized by the Romanian partner in Campia Turzii. Included presentations, lectures, competitions, discussions, sports, cultural tours meeting with representatives of the local community. Activities prepared by the coordinators from Slovakia, but also by students of Slovak University of the Third Age were based on the meeting – my passion, my happiness. All participants were accommodated in Franko hotel in the center of Zvolen.  During the visit we all went on a trip to Banska Štiavnica the historic mining town, which was registered as a heritage site. Participants visited the Mining Museum and visited a lot of historical monuments, terraced houses.