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Report of the GRUNDTVIG project meeting by Corina

Report of the  GRUNDTVIG project meeting by Corina
„ My passions, my happiness-add to favorites”

The third reunion of the Grundtvig project „My passions, my happiness-add to favorites” was organised by Elmadağ Public Education Center from Ankara, Turcia  between  19-23 May 2014. A number of 28 persons took part to this reunion from the following partner institutions:
1.    Uniwersytet Trzeciego Wieku w Lubsku-coordinator-Poland
2.    Druskininkų Trečiojo Amžiaus UIniversitetas-partener-Lithuania
3.   Associação Rede de Universidades da Terceira Idade – RUTIS-partener-Portugal
4. Technická univerzita vo Zvolene,Centrum ďalšieho vzdelávania-partener-Slovakia
5.    Elmadağ Public Education Center -partener-Turkey
6.    Asociaţia “Părinţi pentru copii”-Câmpia Turzii, România
The Romanian association «Parents for children » was represented by 3 persons:
•    Kerekeş Laura, teacher at “ Avram Iancu “ School Câmpia Turzii
•    Nyitrai Elvira, teacher at “ Avram Iancu” School Câmpia Turzii
•    Bozbici Corina, project coordinator teacher CJRAE Cluj and “ Avram Iancu “ School Câmpia Turzii

We were presented an intense work agenda that achieved all the goals of the current project meeting.

On the first day we were officially welcomed by the representatives of the Elmadağ community and of the Public Education Center for Adults. We visited all the areas of the center: painting, embroidery, weaving workshops as well as a beautiful exhibition that included products made in these workshops. The first activity was choosing the secret friend, activity started in Romania. Each participant chooses a secret friend for whom they may feel a special affection and interest and they exchange souvenirs.

The next activity was a quiz “What do I know about Turkey?” We worked in groups of 7 people from all countries and answered questions about the Turkish culture and traditions. The correct points were counted and the winning teams got prizes.
In order to increase communication we had a Turkish language lesson, we learned basic words, like greetings, numbers to 10, wishes, food, etc. This lesson ended with the project anthem created by the Turkish partners and sung by all the participants: „I am happy because….”

Another activity was “A train comes from far away”, in which each institution presented information related to transport or accommodation in Turkey. Two people from each country demonstrated in front of the computer that they had abilities to find information connected to transport or costs in Turkey.

The nest activity was a debate “How can we overcome the problems that appear in our life after retirement”. There were emotional moments when retired ladies from Turkey presented their hobbies that make their lives easier.
The day ended with a socializing evening with Turkish music and sky lanterns.
The second day started with the workshop EBRU, a special Turkish technique. We all managed to practise it and to make paintings using it. Next there were sports competitions organized in a high school yard:
• Musical chairs
• Carrying an egg (not boiled) in a spoon
• Blowing up balloons tied to legs
• Archery

All these competitions brought joy, relaxation and many prizes. After all the exercise we learned how to model a balloon in a specific workshop. We were taught to make different figures: flowers, swords, puppies, rabbits, panthers, etc. In the afternoon we visited a few tourist objectives: HAMAMÖNU, ANITKABIR ,  ANKARA CASTLE, KOCATEPE MOSQUE şi NATURAL HİSTORY MUSEUM.

On the third day we headed to Cappadocia visiting TUZ GÖLÜ, a great salt lake famous for therapeutic properties and Göreme-Zelve, a museum on our way. The evening ended in Turkish style: traditional music, food, dance and celebrating Grundtvig which created many friendships and passions among the participants.

On the last day, in the hotel conference room each participant presented their own passion in a video or ppt so we all got to know each other better. In the same way each participant presented a dream that they haven’t accomplished yet, but want to.

On the way home we visited a pottery workshop, a jewel factory and a wine cellar. At the coordinators’ reunion we evaluated the current reunion and we established future tasks and terms. The last evening was at the hotel in Ankara where we exchanged traditional gifts, got our certificates and regretfully said good-bye to the wonderful people that are part of this project.


It has been written by Bozbici Corina.