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RAPORTUL REUNIUNII DE PROIECT GRUNDTVIG „My passions, my happiness-add to favorites”



„ My passions, my happiness-add to favorites”


The first reunion of the project „ My passions, my happiness-add to favorites” was organized by the Association „Parents for Children” from Câmpia Turzii”, during 27 Oct-1 Nov. 2013. 33 people from the following partner institutions took part in his reunion:

  1. Uniwersytet Trzeciego Wieku w Lubsku-coordonator-Poland

Zofia Głogowska, Renata Jasińska, Anna Hekkert, Bożena Manik, Sabina Ciężkowska, Maria Wasilewska, Andrzej Mól,Stefan Ciężkowski

  1. Druskininkų Trečiojo Amžiaus UIniversitetas-partener-Lithuania

Jonas Valskys, Darius Valskys

  1. Associação Rede de Universidades da Terceira Idade – RUTIS-partener-Portugal

Giselle Janeiro, Luís Jacob

  1. Technická univerzita vo Zvolene,Centrum ďalšieho vzdelávania-partener-Slovakia

Erik Selecky, Petra Suhajova, Darina Michalcova, Milan Bakic, Renata Olosova ,Olga Primusova Maria Bartkova, Maria Stankovícova

  1. Elmadağ Halk Eğitimi Merkezi-partener-Turkey

Mehmet GÜVEN,  Ayhan KILIÇ, Fikret HOŞAFÇI, Gamze TURGUT, Korkmaz AYDIN, Erkut KIVRAK, Atilla GENÇTÜRK, Bülent KÜÇÜKKARACA, Taner CURALI, Enise SÜNBÜL, Hatice ÖZDEMİR, Halit UTLU, Levent YALVAÇ.

  1. The Parents for Children Association –the entire team, which took care that the work schedule is followed during this meeting.

The agenda was very varied and included social, cultural activities, debates, contests based on the subject of the meeting, workshops regarding the participants’ hobbies, visits, trips and meeting with the representatives of the local community.

All the participants in the reunion were lodged at The Milexim Bed and Breakfast from Campia Turzii.

On the 28th of Octoer 2013, the guests were welcomed with the traditional bead and salt in front of our “Avram Iancu” School, where the Parents for Children Association has its headquarters. The school headmistress Ana Popescu, the chairwoman of the association Iuliana Pop and the project coordinator Bozbici Corina gave short speeches welcoming our guests.

The first activity was “Portraits” and it was an ice breaker meant to help everyone get to know each other better. At  the end of the activity there was an exposition with all the portraits of the participants. Then, each participant told his name and mimed his hobby, repeating the previous, so that one should remember as many names and hobbies as possible.  During this activity, the Polish team prepared a viewing of some personal clips, where they showed themselves and their hobbies. Afterwards, we picked the name of our secret friend, which meant that, we should pay special attention towards that person by being especially nice to them or by buying them small souvenirs for 3 days.

Then, the resource, fears, expectations workshop followed, where each participant  cut his own paper clothes and wrote on them the above mentioned items. Finally, all these were centralized and were disseminated by the group.

Following the coffee break, each partner institution introduced themselves using a PowerPoint presentation or short clip. The following institutions were presented: Romania, Slovakia, Poland and Turkey.

We had lunch at the Apollo restaurant and after our meal we all visited the salt mine in Turda.

The second day began by presenting the participants from Portugal who arrived  on the 28th of October. First they introduced themselves, then they presented their institutions. Also, the Lithuanian partners presented their institution.

The contest “What do I know about Romania?” was organized by Grigoras Andreea. The quiz contained the following sections: history, geography, literature, great inventions, artists and sportspeople. The participants did very well and understood the rules, for example the betting rules and also with the final answers.

Organizing the tasks and the travel dates during the project are part of the Polish team’s tasks, namely of Stefan Ciężkowski. After this, we went on to choose the most suitable logo for the project. Each country presented its own logo. Worth mentioning, 6 students of the “Avram Iancu” School  were awarded diplomas and vouchers for the logos they had prepared for the project. 2 people from each country were chosen and they voted on the most representative logo, thus it was decided that the Polish logo would represent the project.

Then, the handicraft workshop followed, which was prepared by Renata Mărie Hoffenpradli. All the participants manufactured different object made of wood, glass through the napkin technique. We had lunch at school, together with all the members of the Association Parents for Children, and we all had traditional stuffed cabbage rolls. We also celebrated through songs Turkey’s national day.

In the evening at 18 o’clock. We all met together again in the gym of the school.  There was a dance activity. There were important guests from the town hall, the deputy mayor Dorin Lojigan and other two members of the local board of administration of the town, who were all part of the jury for the dance contest. The training and the dance types were organized by Dan Istrate şi Brâduşa. All the participants danced, had fun, relaxed and competed, finally being awarded funny diplomas.

On the third day, the 30th of October, at the small hall at the Cultural House „Ionel Floaşiu” , the next meeting was held. Its subject: “Identifying obstacles which appear after retirement” and it was a debate regarding the manner in which European communities support the socializing process and integration of retired people.   At this meeting the following members took part: Mr. Deputy mayor Dorin Lojigan, Mr. Public administrator Petre Pop and other 5 members of the local board of administration.  Mrs. Floriana Prahoveanu, social assistant at the city hall, delivered a speech regarding the specific needs of the third age and Mrs. Felicia Butean, social assistant, presented the results of a study on the happiness level of Campia Turzii’s retired folks.

Mrs. Diana Morar, systemic psycho therapist in couple’s relationship, continued the debate with a workshop where participants discussed in teams about their passions and then together they created a story where they metaphorically introduced these passions. The stories included sound and movement, so that all the participants interacted with one another. The end of the workshop was a relaxation exercise “ peace in us, peace among us”, which was a controlled imagination exercise, allowing each individual the chance to connect with his own resources After lunch we all went on a trip to Cluj Napoca, where we visited the old citadel, the town centre and the Matei Corvin square. At 19 o ‘clock we organized an intercultural evening , where the partners all brought specific dishes for tasting. The Ardeleana Assembly entertained us  with a show of traditional Romanian dances and the children from the Danessa dance club invited the people to dance  (85 people). The surprise of the evening was launching lanterns in front of the hotel. Then we had the celebratory cake with the logos of the financer and of the flags of the partner countries. We all offered souvenirs and thanked the organizers

The fourth day began at 14 o’clock, in the school yard, with an activity named “Ball champions”. Then Iuliana Feyer presented the activity “A train comes from far away” and Mrs. Carmen Repciuc presented the conclusions of a study regarding the state of happiness of the participants in the project. After this, the coordinators began a short work meeting where they decided that the survey about the happiness level should be applied to 25 people over 50 years old and optionally to 25 people under 50, if necessary. The results will be interpreted by the Polish team in a comparative study.

The next moment was the individual evaluation of the project reunion and awarding the attendance certificates at the reunion in Campia Turzii.

The final moment was attending the bowling night in Turda, where we consolidated the already tied friendships and planned the future meetings.


Project coordinator     Headmistress “Avram Iancu” School       Association President

Bozbici Corina                                       Popescu Ana                                         Pop Iuliana