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The project involves instructors, lecturers and students of the university in the elderly age.
The basic aim of the project is the main idea: interests and hobbies of its participants must be accepted, expressed and transformed into their complacency and sense of happiness. If participants want to achieve the mentioned above purpose, they will need: language and computer, that is, learning English by different methods as well as computer skills, and also, develop their individual interests – such as: the culture, arts, crafts, music, film, photography, cooking, sewing, counseling. Anticipated results will be a sense of happiness and contentment among all project participants. In addition, all presentations, movies, shows, plays, competitions, brochures, billboards advertising will be in English language. They will inspire each other with interesting ideas, meetings, initiatives and creative activities.  Participants would like to be interesting for friends and older residents of their villages – that means they want to arouse the local and international community’s interests of variety ways to get a sense of happiness in an elderly age.

On the stage of writing of the conclusion we assumed maximal contribution of participants into the realisation of project tasks and international meetings. We predict about 180-200 mobilities. These plans are very real, because some of the partner organisations come from neighbouring countries. This number will allow us to win over more senior students to realise next partner projects. The target group of the project consists of senior students and teachers from Lithuanian, Polish, Portugese, Romanian, Slovakian and Turkish organisations. Partner institutions are located on areas that are not industrialized. A Turkish organisation located in the capital of the country is an exception. The success of the project will be measured, among other things, with more advanced and qualitative communication between participants „live” and with use of computer and internet tools. Present informatical knowledge and foreign language skills of the whole partner group is defined as adequate. One of the goals of the project is to encourage study of foreign languages and practical use of simple computer programs. That’s why on all stages of the project, work language will be dominating. Perfecting of computer knowledge and study of the English language was declared by lecturers directly involved in the project. In local societies, where computer abilities and knowledge of a foreign language are limited, that kind of knowledge leads to ennoblement and gives more possibilities of self-realisation in the social and personal sphere. This is a kind of prognosis, or even speculation that is not supported by a scientific study, but we assume that a part of these assumptions will be fulfilled, which will be a mutual success. The realised project is innovative in terms of it’s contents. It reminds of the search for the legendary Holy Grail with one exception: we won’t find the Grail, but we will surely find happiness for ourselves and other participants. Developments of these problems will be a purposeful action not only from the point of personal needs, but also local and environmental needs. The project is based on actions as a part of diverse content, between which there are problems from many areas: psychology, informatics, study of foreign languages and artistic areas. The project has found support from senior students, lecturers and managing organs. It’s a kind of explicit declaration of participation of all direct and indirect beneficiaries in the project.